Terms and Conditions

  • TORIX is an NFT collection that is archived and executed in an Ethereum network. This website is operated by TORIX which provides an interface for participants who purchase and collects NFTs to check digital collections and relevant information. TORIX is not responsible for thew safety and management of the users’ own personal assets, including Ethereum wallets that confirm all transactions and contracts generated on this website. In addition, the transactions between participants that have already occurred cannot be canceled or restored on this website since the TORIX smart contract is executed on the Ethereum network and is bound by the system.
  • TORIX has the right to change and modify part of the terms and conditions at any time without prior notice, and it is the users’ responsibility to periodically check the updated terms and conditions to receive up-to-date information. Moreover, users will make clear that participating in the TORIX’s services by visiting this website and purchasing anything means agreeing to the above terms and conditions.


  • Users gets ownership of the TORIX NFT through purchasing. After users purchase any NFTs, unique numbers and related information will be transferred from the Ethereum blockchain to the buyer, and thereby the NFT ownership will be adjusted entirely by smart contract and Ethereum network. At any point, ownership of TORIX cannot be seized, frozen, nor changed.

Personal Use

  • Under the condition of continuing to comply with these terms and conditions, TORIX grants you a worldwide royalty-free license that allows you to use, copy, and display artwork purchased for the following purposes only: (i) non-commercial personal use, (ii) As part of the market that allows the purchase and sale for your TORIX NFT, as long as the market cryptographically confirms that you are the owner, confirms that only the actual owner has the right to display the artwork. (iii) a cryptographic confirmation of the rights of each TORIX owner when displaying artwork of TORIX on a third-party website or application that allows TORIX to be included, participated or allows participation.

Commercial Use

  • On the premise of continuous compliance with these terms and conditions, TORIX grants users with a worldwide unlimited license to use, copy and display the purchased artwork that hold the purpose of creating secondary works based on art (“commercial use”). Examples of such commercial use are such as the use of art to produce and sell commodity products (T-shirts, dolls, etc) that display copies of art. To clarify, nothing in this section is considered to limit the users (i) owning or operating a market that generally allows the use and sale of TORIX. TORIX allows only the actual owner to display the art. (ii) generally owning or operating a third-party website or application that allows the inclusion or participation of TORIX. (iii) earning revenue from one of the items described above. However, if the owner who have purchased the TORIX leaves the website/application, the art will no longer be displayed.


  • This website is not for children. Users must be 18 years or older to access the website. Users under 18 will be prohibited from using the website for any reason. By accessing the website, users will state and guarantee the age 18+.

TORIX is not an investment tool

  • TORIX is a collectible digital artwork that functions as an irreplaceable token. It is created as a work of art that is to be enjoyed through collection, not for financial means. TORIX does not promise nor guarantee the value of TORIX NFT except for striving its bet for projects and communities.
  • TORIX NFT cannot be exchanged for all kinds of financial instruments, nor is an asset that authorizes the owner to participate in ICO/securities provision/financial compensation to the owner.

Future Projects

  • If users become TORIX holders, users are able to participate in a variety of unlimited future opportunities that include TORIX mint reservations, NFT airdrops, and expand to P2E, artist collaborations, digital figures, and Metaverse.