• Character of our platform with infinite potential

    TORIX is a high-quality 3D collection inspired by pioneering artists, designers, and crypto leaders who insightfully observes the past-present-future and seeks for innovation.

    We have spent a long time creating this collection, and it consists of special 9,999 forms that contains potential to create new value in the Ethereum blockchain world.
    Just like the encryption leaders has done so far.

Fundamental questions about
art and value

We have decided to ask fundamental questions about what true art and value is with pioneering artists and designers who look insightfully into the past-present-future and pursue innovations in the period.

Value and
convergence as an objet

TORIX was born through challenging experiments that began from our fundamental questions, and is the most perfect objet in the world that contains potential to create new value by fusing everything that exists.

Birth of our

Created through these experiments, the completed-form TORIX creates new value that have never existed in the world and provides creative people leading the times with opportunities for new inspiration.

Connection to theto the
virtual world
beyond reality

TORIX creates innovative value in digital space by connecting / expanding beyond reality to the virtual world.

    • Own one of
      9,999 unique TORIXs
      and get on board
      the innovational
      Ethereum ecosystem
    • 9,900 plain characters with rare characters hidden in them, and 99 unique characters of TORIXs are stored in the Ethereum blockchain with proof of ownership.
    • Each artwork is unique since it is the only one unique creation in the world. All TORIXs are unique however some TORIXs are extremely rare, depending on their characters and quantities.


      • The roadmap explains our goals and intentions.
        We have a plan on how to apply it in the blockchain and metaverse using TORIXs.

        We will devote everything we have to make our collections best fit for the community.
      1. 01. Story of TORIX

        We will reveal the unique story of TORIX, which connects the real world to the virtual world. Meet the newly unveiled high-quality 3D collection that
        permeates TORIX’s worldview.

      2. 02. Launching NFT

        We are releasing 9,999 Ethereum-based NFT collection of TORIXs competed with all our endeavor. Check the schedule of the first air-drop and compete with countless people to seize your own opportunity.

      3. 03. Launching of P2E Service

        TORIX will not only conduct NFT for collection purposes but also plans to be applied to various games through partnerships with various game companies that holds Play To Earn mechanisms.
        Join the opportunity to gain new value through the TORIX and digital assets you obtain.

      4. 04. Collaboration with celebrities

        Under the theme of an objet called TORIX, we will regularly present TORIX-collaborations with world-class artists. TORIX with artist collaboration will have a different value and rarity than previous ones. Watch our pre-released TORIXs through our communities such as Discord, Twitter, and Behance and try to infer which artist we have collaborated with.

      5. 05. Launching of digital figures

        We are going to transform TORIX into a special digital figure once again. Digital figures will also be provided as a service that are able to reveal the owner’s personality in them by connecting with contents such as games, holograms, etc and also metaverse.
        Look forward to a more valuable worldview experience of TORIX through our digital figures.

      6. 06. Launching of Metaverse

        When all these steps are completed, a Metaverse world filled with TORIX's worldview will finally be opened.
        We will begin to recreate life, art, and digital datas through the combination of TORIX (that is able to fuse anything) and Metaverse(that is able to create whatsoever). We are waiting for your support.
        We hope to create a virtual world and our future together.




      1. Creative teams

        Our team consists of blockchain experts, 3D art directors, and creative advertising directors.
        In addition, we are continuously looking for new values in the upcoming virtual reality world by communicating with various artists and designers in our network.

      Jun / Planning

      Kal, Danji / Design

      JB / Brand Manager

      Chris / Developer

      the community

      There are already numerous people communicating with us on the TORIX Discord platform.
      Meet a variety of news and the latest announcements available only in the TORIX community in real time.